Immigration to USA


What kind of certificates do I need to provide as evidence?

  • You do not need any specific certificates but if you do have them, they serve as an addition to your degree.

How long until I can start working?

  • When you receive your work permit is when you can start working, which usually takes about 6-10 months.

What are the probabilities of being approved?

  • There are no set statistics but there is a great success rate for pilots.

Can I work abroad while the process is ongoing?

  • Yes.

Is the Consular v. AOS process better for me?

  • It depends. With the Consular process you can keep working abroad while your process is pending. An AOS can be quicker, but you must wait for your work permit before you can begin working.

Can I open my own company in the Aviation field or am I limited to work on big airlines?

-Yes, if you are going to provide training and serve as a flight instructor then you can open your own company.

Do I need to have a Pilot License in the United States?

  • No, but it is recommended.

Do I need to be a Member of an Aviation Association in the United States?

  • No, it can be abroad, but it is recommended to be a member of an association in the United States.

How long must I wait to receive my travel permit after filling my case?

  • It depends. It has been taking up to a year, but it can be quicker.

Can I expedite my travel permit application?

  • Yes.

How much experience do I need to qualify?

  • An advanced degree ( either Master’s degree, or Bachelor degree with 5 years experience)

Do I need a degree to qualify for EB-2?

  • No, you can apply through an EB-2 exceptional ability without a degree only if the other requirements are met that fall under exceptional ability cases.

Does military background help in approval?

  • No, but it can help in getting hired to work at airlines.

Can I apply for EB-2 without FAA license?

  • Yes.

If I file Consular Processing, can I still fly in and out of the country with a pilot visa?

  • Yes. Since we only file your I-140 and not an AOS you can fly in and out of the country with your tourist or pilot visa.

Can I travel freely if I file AOS processing?

  • You shouldn’t travel before receiving your travel permit which can usually take about 13 months.

What is the duration of and AOS filing versus Consular Processing?

  • They both usually take around 1-2 years, but Consular Processing has been quicker.

How can I pitch my proposed endeavor, considering most airlines will not provide a letter of intent before one has an EAD in hand?

  • .You can open your own company; the services pitched in terms of this company would be that you would be offering contractual flight or other aviation-related services to airlines. And then you can switch to an airline as a proposed endeavor introducing the transfer to a different position within the field once receiving your EAD.

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