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Green Cards for Engineers

There is a dire need for Engineers in the United States Arce Immigration Law is here to help you find the best opportunity to work and reside here.  The U.S engineering industry predicts that by 2028, a continued shortage will mean a potential loss of $454 billion in economic output. The need to tackle…
Immigration to USA


Recent changes in regulations will allow immigrants to request expedite adjudication for certain applications by paying a premium processing fee to USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service).  Today, DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has published new rules for premium processing. Accordingly, the expedite service will be implemented during the next ten years. The service will…
COVID-19 Effects on Travel
Immigration to USA


What kind of certificates do I need to provide as evidence? You do not need any specific certificates but if you do have them, they serve as an addition to your degree. How long until I can start working? When you receive your work permit is when you can start working, which usually takes about…
Immigration to USA

Immigration Law Update: Income and Asset Disclosure for Public Charge Law

The public charge ground of inadmissibility that allows for the denial of visa applications for foreign nationals that are “likely at any time to become a public charge” was introduced in the United States Congress in 1882. Visa applications subject to this ground of inadmissibility include applications for adjustment of status to that of lawful…
Immigration to USA


1 . What is an EB-2 NIW?  An EB-2 “National Interest Waiver” (“NIW”) is an immigrant visa which leads to permanent residence for individuals who work in the sciences, arts, or business and hold either an “advanced degree” or “exceptional ability,” and whose employment plans in the U.S. are of “national interest.” Ordinarily, the EB-2…