Nahikari Ajubita

"Nahikari Ajubita: Foreign Legal Consultant, Multilingual Advocate for Immigration Law. Also, a scuba diving instructor and environmentalist."


• University of Barcelona (UB)


• Arctic University of Norway (UiT in Tromso)  


Nahikari Ajubita is a Foreign Legal Consultant at Arce Immigration Law. She received a Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Barcelona (UB) in Spain. She participated in an Erasmus exchange program at Uppsala University, in Sweden, where she studied European Jurisprudence. She also obtained a LL.M. from the Arctic University of Norway (UiT) in Tromsø.

Nahikari has been working as a translator for several international organizations and NGOs, has been a UN volunteer for several years and has participated in workshops, conferences and congressess to further broaden her legal knowledge. She speaks four languages fluently: English, Spanish, French and Catalan and has lived, studied and worked in many different countries. This has given her an insightful perspective on migration and the movement of people and a passion for immigration law.

Nahikari is also a scuba diving instructor and has founded a non profit organisation that focuses on teaching environmentally concious diving. In her free time she dives, teaches people how to dive, enjoys reading and spending time with Drac, her dog.