My name is Renato Migliaccio. I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, Judo black belt, former Brazilian Greco-Roman national team member and Pro MMA Fighter. Some of my accomplishments include being a Jiu Jistu World Champion, European Jiu Jitsu Champion and Pan-American Champion. I also fought for Team USA in the M-1 global challenge as we took second place at the world challenge. But all those accomplishments were not enough for me to apply for residency according to the immigration attorney that I was dealing with at that time, and he really made me think that I wasn’t qualified enough. So tons of money was spent in attorneys fees and work visa fees at the consulates because I was told that it was the only way.
Everything changed the day that I met Carmen at the airport after a fight for M-1 global. She had seen me fight and she politely asked my situation in the USA and I told her that I was under a work visa because the lawyer said that I wasn’t able to apply or fill the requirements for residency. So, she said: “if you are not qualified who would be?” She then explained that lawyers are like doctors, you can see three different doctors and they can each give you a different treatment plan for the same illness. Her security and attitude really told me something so I decided to work with her, and it took me three months to get my green card after the day we sent the application. I now recommend her to all my friends. And here I am now opening my own BJJ school in the U.S. and following my dream. Thanks Carmen!!!