Rebecca Dayan
New York, NY

My name is Rebecca Dayan, I am a professional actress and model. Words can’t express how grateful I am towards Carmen and her team. I was introduced to Carmen by a friend and even though she spoke really highly of her, I had my doubts as anyone would, trusting someone with something so important as a potential citizenship. My doubts vanished as soon as I first spoke to her. Firstly, she spoke like no other attorney did, she was clear, straightforward and enthusiastic. Her knowledge of the immigration law is outstanding, my case was very special and also quite an emergency but she seemed to have a solution for everything. Secondly she was always available and happy to answer my questions over and over again! She guided me step after step and made the whole process so easy even though I had such little time. Thirdly, she relieved me from any doubts that I had towards filing for a Green Card by assuring me that my case was strong enough. We had 4 weeks to prepare my case as my visa was ending, and Carmen and her team were extremely efficient. And when I received my Green Card, only 3 months after filing my case I couldn’t believe it. I am forever thankful.

Renato Migliaccio
Glendora, CA

My name is Renato Migliaccio. I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, Judo black belt, former Brazilian Greco-Roman national team member and Pro MMA Fighter. Some of my accomplishments include being a Jiu Jistu World Champion, European Jiu Jitsu Champion and Pan-American Champion. I also fought for Team USA in the M-1 global challenge as we took second place at the world challenge. But all those accomplishments were not enough for me to apply for residency according to the immigration attorney that I was dealing with at that time, and he really made me think that I wasn’t qualified enough. So tons of money was spent in attorneys fees and work visa fees at the consulates because I was told that it was the only way.
Everything changed the day that I met Carmen at the airport after a fight for M-1 global. She had seen me fight and she politely asked my situation in the USA and I told her that I was under a work visa because the lawyer said that I wasn’t able to apply or fill the requirements for residency. So, she said: “if you are not qualified who would be?” She then explained that lawyers are like doctors, you can see three different doctors and they can each give you a different treatment plan for the same illness. Her security and attitude really told me something so I decided to work with her, and it took me three months to get my green card after the day we sent the application. I now recommend her to all my friends. And here I am now opening my own BJJ school in the U.S. and following my dream. Thanks Carmen!!!

Robert Werner
San Francisco, CA

I feel so incredibly grateful for having been introduced to and eventually hiring Carmen. My troubles started when I was refused a U.S. work visa, even though I had received the same TN-visa quite easily before. As a Canadian engineer, it should be easier for me to work in the U.S. than most anyone else in the world but such was not the case. Intuitively I knew that I was qualified to get the visa under the NAFTA agreement between Canada and America but I did not have the wherewithal to explain my case. I asked around and Carmen came highly recommended by an American friend of mine who had hired her to help bring his Colombian wife into the U.S. I am so glad I made the decision to hire her, initially to initially review my case, and then to hire her outright to talk with my prospective employer and draw up the necessary paperwork to petition my case to the required authorities.
In my particular case, I hit every potential bureaucratic roadblock that one could possibly imagine. Even though some of my friends & family had given up any hope of a successful outcome, Carmen was steadfastly there for me, providing solid encouragement, legal smarts, and more than a little wisdom as well. Her fee structure is such that there wasn’t even a financial incentive to keep fighting for me but yet she did, over and over again. It took 3 months but I eventually prevailed and am now gainfully employed in the San Francisco tech sector. Looking back at this chapter in my life, I will forever remember the way my mom summed everything up: “Without Carmen’s help, there’s no way you would have got your visa.” She’s absolutely correct. Mere words cannot adequately express how profoundly I recommend Carmen Arce. If you’re dealing with any issues involving U.S. Immigration I would strongly encourage you to avoid any sort of DIY (Do It Yourself) approach, like I initially used, and spend a little money to pay Carmen

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Yaneth Araque
Miami FL

Attorney Carmen was our angel, after having contacting various immigration offices for 15 years and having left some of our income in their hands and when all of them told us that our case was extremely difficult (because it really was) she with all her professional ability and firm conviction that she was able to help us was able to reopen our case before the Immigration Judge and consequently the residency for our family. My husband was then able to find job stability and my children have been able to continue their university studies and I have been able to practice my career as a Social Worker which is what I studied in my country and which is what I love. I have no doubt as to the great love and dedication she puts into her work. May God bless Attorney Carmen.

Luisa Licardo
Doral, FL

“Coming from a person like me who is: highly demanding, a perfectionist and naturally suspicious, this praise holds TRIPLE the value of anyone else’s! All kidding aside, from several immigration lawyers and / or paralegals that I have met, seen or hired since I started my immigration process in this country (almost 10 professionals in total), I can recommend Carmen Arce above all with my eyes closed! As a lawyer, she is the most efficient, open, honest, frank, patient, knowledgeable , strong and aggressive (in a good way) I have ever met! Thanks to her, my family and I are residents of the USA! Thank you, Carmen!”

Lilla Hartai
Miami Beach, FL

My name is Lilla Hartai and I am a professional model. I met Attorney Carmen Arce through a dear friend of mine. He convinced me to meet with her to review my options for a green card. I met with Carmen and I really appreciated how she spoke directly to me. Everything she told made sense, but before hiring her I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision. So I met with a few other attorneys, but they either weren’t as familiar with my type of case, or they weren’t as confident in my eligibility for the green card based upon being a model. In the end I hired Carmen as my attorney and she did an outstanding job. Thanks to her, I am now a Permanent Resident of the U.S.

Stella Shalem
Professional Athlete

“Carmen was the best lawyer who could ever cross my life. She possesses a tremendous knowledge about immigration law. She went straight to the central point of my case, working precisely and quickly. She was understanding, empathetic to my problems, and very supportive. My green card process was very delayed and meanwhile I was living in an abusive marriage. She helped me find the confidence to file for divorce. She organized all my papers and pictures into a flawless presentation and when we finally sat before the immigration officer, it took only 10 minutes for the officer to decide to approve my case. Most importantly, Carmen relieved from me a very heavy load of stress and I could finally breath. I am always thankful.”

Aitor Mateo
Miami Beach, FL

Dear Carmen,
I want to thank you for all your hard work as my immigration lawyer. Most of all, I appreciate you keeping me on track and focused. I don’t think I would have ever applied for residency if you had not been there for me. I could have done like most models who continue renewing their work visas because it is easier for them, but I was tired of all the limitations that go with the work visas. Applying for Residency was the right decision. It was a lot of work, but now I have my freedom and it was definitely worth it. THANK YOU!

Gabriel Santos
Professional MMA Fighter / Boston, MA

I was so blessed to have Carmen Arce as my lawyer. I met her through a friend of mine Rodrigo Artilheiro that convince me to work with her because the other attorney that we are work with made us feel that I don’t have enough material to apply to Green Card and kept me apply for others work visa. I spoke with Carmen and she said: -” Of course you are eligible to apply for a Green Card and you have a strong case!” So that day I was sure that she was an angel that God put in our lives. She is very patient, professional and kindly. Her positive attitude and Immigrant law knowledge helped us to deal with the obstacles that happen in the way. We had our Green Card in 7 months after the day she sent the application. I never will forget the day she gave us the good news.

Mirian Lorena Aragon and Jose Trujillo