I feel so incredibly grateful for having been introduced to and eventually hiring Carmen. My troubles started when I was refused a U.S. work visa, even though I had received the same TN-visa quite easily before. As a Canadian engineer, it should be easier for me to work in the U.S. than most anyone else in the world but such was not the case. Intuitively I knew that I was qualified to get the visa under the NAFTA agreement between Canada and America but I did not have the wherewithal to explain my case. I asked around and Carmen came highly recommended by an American friend of mine who had hired her to help bring his Colombian wife into the U.S. I am so glad I made the decision to hire her, initially to initially review my case, and then to hire her outright to talk with my prospective employer and draw up the necessary paperwork to petition my case to the required authorities.
In my particular case, I hit every potential bureaucratic roadblock that one could possibly imagine. Even though some of my friends & family had given up any hope of a successful outcome, Carmen was steadfastly there for me, providing solid encouragement, legal smarts, and more than a little wisdom as well. Her fee structure is such that there wasn’t even a financial incentive to keep fighting for me but yet she did, over and over again. It took 3 months but I eventually prevailed and am now gainfully employed in the San Francisco tech sector. Looking back at this chapter in my life, I will forever remember the way my mom summed everything up: “Without Carmen’s help, there’s no way you would have got your visa.” She’s absolutely correct. Mere words cannot adequately express how profoundly I recommend Carmen Arce. If you’re dealing with any issues involving U.S. Immigration I would strongly encourage you to avoid any sort of DIY (Do It Yourself) approach, like I initially used, and spend a little money to pay Carmen