1.  Does Brazil have a trade treaty agreement for the E-2 Visa?
– No.

2. Which countries have the agreement that allows for an E-2 Visa?
– Several Countries! Brazilians who want to qualify must have another citizenship or be married to someone who has another citizenship such as Italian, French, German Spanish, etc. (Portugal does not qualify)

3. How much money needs to be invested? Our recommendation is:
-$100,000 USD (or more).

4. Do you have to spend all the investment?
-Not all, but some of it.

5. Do you need to have employees when applying?
– It is not a rule but it helps a lot and we recommend having 1 employee before applying. (Not a contract employee)

6. How long does it take to prepare the case?
This depends very much on the investment but it is normal to work together 3 months to prepare a very strong case. 

7. After submitting the case to the embassy how long does it take to receive the interview?
– That depends a lot on the consulate. It may be a month but at some  it could be more than 2 months.

8. With the E-2 visa can you apply for permanent residence? (The green card)
– The E-2 visa is not a direct path to permanent residence but it can be a bridge between the tourist visa and the green card.

9. The visa be valid for how long?
– It depends on the country, but usually 5 years.

10. Does every family member need the qualifying country’s passport?
-Fortunately they do not. The whole family can qualify just based on one of the parent’s additional passport.

How can you obtain Permanent Residence or a Green Card after having the E-2 visa?

The 4 typical ways are:

1. Connect the US company with your Brazilian company to apply as a multinational executive (at the time of having 8 employees and invoicing over $ 500,000 per year).

2. Apply as a person with special abilities (there are two types).

3. Apply brings a permanent job offer from another US company.

4. Make the EB-5 case with an investment of $ 500,000 / $ 1M.

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by; Arce Immigration Law