Ana Luíza Motta


• University of Salamanca, Spain  

PhD canditate in Law

• University of Coimbra, Portugal  

International and European Law, Master’s degree 

Ana Luíza Motta is a Foreign Legal Consultant at Arce Immigration Law. She is currently a PhD candidate in Law at the University of Salamanca, Spain. She obtained her Master’s degree in international and European Law at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, and a Postgraduate in Human Rights by IGC/University of Coimbra, Portugal. Additionally, she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, from Facamp, Brazil, and obtained her license to practice law from the Brazilian Bar Association in 2017.

Ana Luíza is an Academic Researcher specializing in Immigration and Asylum Law. She recently published her first book titled “Fragmentation of the European Asylum System” in 2022, published by Editora Juruá, Brazil. She has authored several publications on topics including: Migration Law, Environmental Migration, Women’s Rights; and Asylum Law. Ana Luíza is an EULEN YRP of the Jean Monnet Network on the Enforcement of EU Law and serves as a Reporter for the Human Rights Observatory of Portugal. She is also a member of the International Law Association (ILA). Throughout her career, Ana Luíza has also worked as a Legal Advisor, providing valuable expertise and guidance in various legal matters.

In addition to her legal work, Ana Luíza is passionate about Women’s Rights. She founded a social project called “Livre” (Freedom) in Cape Green, Africa, which aims to help women combat menstrual poverty and early pregnancy. Furthermore, Ana Luíza is a Global Mentor for Wedu – Women in Leadership, where she empowers women in Asia.